Justin Bieber Kissing a Boy

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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The web is abuzz with stories about a picture of Justin Bieber kissing a boy. Is this really true? If so where is the picture? I tried to search for it but I came to nothing. I think this is just another one of those ill jokes coming from those who hate Justin Bieber. I am not a fan of Bieber but I am not also among those who want him down, I think people who do not like him should just let him be; if it is really true that his sexuality is somewhat warped then so be it, but if we do not have real, solid proof that it is the case then we should let the boy be.

Justin Bieber Kissing a Boy

The fact is that some people really hate Justin Bieber because all the pretty and fresh chicks are going gaga over him, that's the sad and painful fact. I doubt that Bieber is a fag, he looks man enough to me, well that is based on the pictures of him I see all over the net. Justin Bieber kissing a boy? Nah, that's doubtful.


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