Kim Seon-ho public Apology - Actor admits to forcing ex-girlfriend to get abortion

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It started with an anonymous user in an online community accusing a rising star "K" of forcing her to abort their baby. People quickly connected it with actor Kim Seon-ho but it remained just rumors for a few days, until now that the star of tvN's romantic comedy "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" has admitted to coercing his ex-girlfriend into getting an abortion. 

Kim Seon-ho public Apology

Kim Seon-ho made a public apology to his ex-girlfriend and fans for his own "carelessness". "I had dated her with affection, but I hurt her due to my carelessness and inconsiderate conduct," the actor said. 

The actor also said that he wished he could apologize to his ex-girlfriend in person but as of now she is unreachable.

"I should have apologized to her in person. Nevertheless, I want to give an apology sincerely through this written statement. I'm sorry that I disappointed fans who have supported me constantly. And I want to apologize to my colleagues who have worked with me." (Yonhap)


This is the first statement the actor released after the rumor of the forced abortion went viral online.


Here is the response of Kim Seon-ho's agency to the forced abortion accusation rumors recently hounding the actor

Every K-Drama fan knows Kim Seon-ho, the actor catapulted into superstardom by two of tvN's big hit series, "Start Up" and "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha." Kim is always on the news nowadays and it's normal for stars to be always on the news. But news about him are not always good, bad news is hounding him now. An allegation that Kim forced his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion is now in the spotlight and it is not good for his image. Is it true or just baseless rumor? That is the question now that is in the mind of fans around the world.

Kim Seon-ho Abortion

To calm down the fans, the actor's agency released a statement that does not actually clear things up, "As we have not confirmed the truth behind the case, we ask for your patience. We are truly sorry to cause any concern with such an unpleasant issue."

But where did the rumor start? Is there a solid proof that it is true? Well, in the age of the internet it is very easy to perpetuate lies, but it's not only lies that abound in the web, sad truths can also be leaked online. The accusation against Kim was raised by an anonymous user in an online community, the user claimed that she was Kim's ex-girlfriend. Actually, the anonymous user did not name Kim directly, she used an initial "K" and described him as a "rising star". The user alledged that "K" got her pregnant while they were dating last year. It is said that "K" convinced her to get an abortion by promising that he'd marry her if she'd abort the baby. The user also claimed that the actor "K" really forced her to get an abortion, here are some of her words:

"I told K that the doctor said if I get an abortion now, it might be hard for me to get pregnant again… and I still have his outrageous response to my message," the user wrote. "He came to my house and tried to persuade me for days until I agreed to get an abortion."

The user also claimed that "K" told her that if she do not proceed with the abortion, he'd be in violation of his agency's advertising contract and would be forced to pay hundreds of millions of won. The anonymous user is basically saying that "K" forced her to get abortion because of his own selfish self preservation. She also claimed that after she got the abortion, "K" broke up with her, he did it over the phone. If that is true then it's very cruel.

Even if the accuser did not name names, fans were quick to identify the "K" as Kim because the description of "K" matched the actor.

Even if Kim is not directly named in the accusation, some of the companies that use Kim in their advertisements responded to the accusation by removing the star's pictures in their social media pages and websites. One of those big companies is Domino, Kim's photos and videos are no longer in the pizza franchise's official website and social media accounts. Kim's agency also cancelled the actor's scheduled interviews related to the hit series, "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha." Even Kim's co-stars in the series also cancelled their interviews.

Is there something to this? Are these just baseless accusations? Well, we'll see more of this in the coming days. 


Song Hye Kyo , Is she really stalking her ex Song Joong Ki???

>> Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Is Song Hye Kyo really stalking her ex- husband Song Joong Ki???

It's kinda sweet really, as fans really think she does. Judging from an Instagram post.

An account named "realkiaile" had posted a story on  Song Joong Ki shows who has been checking the pictures, records that Korean Actress Hye Kyo was one of those who viewed the pictures of Joong Ki on his Arthdal pictures. This was reported by "Oriental Daily".

A post shared by Song Joong ki🖤 (@realkiaile) on

My special thanks to Belle Abuyo for sharing the news❤💚💜<3 p="">


Goo Hye Sun Retirement is Just Temporary, She is Going Back to University

>> Sunday, September 1, 2019

Goo Hye Sun Retirement is Just Temporary

It was breaking news earlier that Goo Hye Sun is retiring for good but it turns out that the announced retirement is just temporary. Fans have been very sad about the news of her retirement but today Goo Hye Sun clarified that she is just taking a break. How will she spend her break? She's going back to University. Here is the statement of her lawyer about her temporary retirement and her plan to go back to school:

Goo Hye Sun Retirement is Just Temporary, She is Going Back to University


[Sad News] Ku Hye-sun Announces Her Retirement From the Entertainment Industry

Ku Hye-sun, the actress who gained fame because of her roles in the television K-dramas like "Pure in Heart (2006)", "The King And I (2007)", "Boys Over Flowers (2009)", "Take Care of Us, Captain (2012)", "Angel Eyes (2014)", and "Blood (2015)" has announced that she is no longer a celebrity as of September 1, 2019. Or at least that's what it looks like if we interpret her message in Instagram. Here is her message translated to English:

Goo Hye Sun Announces Her Retirement From the Entertainment Industry

Fans are speculating about her reasons for retiring but of course many are thinking that it must be because of the controversies that she and her husband Ahn Jae Hyun have been embroiled with lately. The couple have been in the spotlight lately after it was revealed that they are getting a divorce. So much intimate details about their life as a married couple have been revealed in the media.

There is an update for this news, check it out here


G-Dragon Will Be Back Soon! G-Dragon Will be Discharged from Military Service Early on October 29th

Because of the newly implemented rule of reduced military service time in South Korea, the popular singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion icon G-Dragon will be released one month early on October 29th.


G-Dragon entered the 3rd Infantry Division training center to render military service last year on February 27th. He is supposed to be discharged on November 2019 but because of the new rule he will be out one month early. Of course, fans will be very happy about this news.


K-pop artists Comebacks and Releases this September

Let's check it out below on who has comebacks and releases this September...

VOS returns with a new Ballad today, Sept. 1 2019

W Project 4 will release the "digital single “1’11" on September 2. The trainees from “Produce X 101” Kim Min Seo, Kim Dong Yun, Hwang Yun Seong, Lee Hyeop, and Joo Chang Uk, and introducing trainee Lee Sung Jun is part of this project.

HOTSHOT’s Yoon San releases a solo digital single on September 3.
H.O.T’s Jang Woo Hyuk shares the digital single “Stay” featuring Babylon on the same date.
MIND U also makes a comeback on with a new song on the said date too.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein releases her album “Soar” on September 4.
VANNER shares their first digital single “5cean: V” on the same day.

Kassy releases with Crayon Pop’s Choa and Way have teamed up to share the digital single and “My Universe” on September 5. Another of Kassy's mini album “Rewind” on the same date.


"Spicy fillet Dory in Honey and Calamansi Sauce"

>> Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What you need ...
2 whole Dory fillet

1/4 cup Calamansi juice
3 tbsp. Fish sauce (Patis)
3 cloves garlic
Cayenne pepper

For the sauce...
Leftover marinade
1 tbsp. Corn starch
3 tbsps. Honey/ brown sugar
Chopped Chili's
Chopped onion leeks

What to do...
1. Mix all ingredients for marinade.
2. Marinate 2 whole fillet Dory in marinade for atleast an hour. Set aside.
3. Heat pan with 3 tbsp. olive oil  in medium heat.
4. Fry fillet Dory skin first until golden brown, then the other side after. Set aside.
5. In a small bowl mix together sauce ingredients except for onion leeks. 
6. In another pan heat the mixture in low heat until sticky. 
7. Spoon the sauce in or around the Fried fillet Dory.
8. Drizzle on top the chopped onion leeks. 
9. Serve.


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