A Forgotten Remedy

>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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He gives his beloved sleep.-Psalm 127:2

I am often asked to speak on the subjects of stress. I'm not an expert on stress, just an experienced sufferer! I simply share counsel from God's Word that helps me live less stressful and more restful. Many listeners are desperate for any new remedy I might offer. What blank looks I get when I make this particular recommendation: "Get more sleep!" In their longing to deepen their experience of God's peace, they were hoping for something more spiritual than that.
But I'm not alone in linking spirituality to sleep. A bible teacher was asked to share the key ingredient in his own life for walking in the spirit. He studied the bible and prayed regularly, but his surprising reply was this: "get 8 hours of sleep each night."This reply is less surprising in light of God's initial remedy for Elijah's stress and depression (1Kings 19:1-18). Twice God gave him food and undisturbed sleep before gently confronting him at Mt. Horeb with his error. Psalm 4:8 says,"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;for You alone,O Lord, make me dwell in safety."Sleep is not the full remedy for stress, but other solutions can become clearer to people who get adequate rest.-JEY

When life is so busy and hectic and humming,
You're uptight and frazzled and stressed;
Slow down for a while and spend time with the Savior,
And be sure to get adequate rest.


isah liit

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