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>> Thursday, July 3, 2008

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It’s writing time again for me because it’s raining again and my son is out to play in the rain. We have just finished feeding Pi (one of my son’s pet gold fishes). He is not much fascinated by it nowadays because his attention is mostly on computer games. He’s 2 months past his three years.

It wasn’t easy for Dadee and I to choose the right, or should I say the safest pet for our Josh. when he was younger he showed signs of asthma. Now that he's older it's gone but were not really sure if it's gone for good. Now my son oves cats and dogs (we do not have cats and dogs, only our neighbors, because me and my husband are nor really up to it).

Last Christmas, when we visited Lake Sebu, his my father gave my son a white rabbit which he really adored on the spot. He was so excited to bring it home and I had to think of the right words to say no so that I won’t crush his spirit. I told him we can bring it home if we have the right place for it at home but we do not. It would be hard to look for grass which the rabbit eats around our place, the grass serves as the rabbit’s source of fiber because pellets alone could not be good for it, kawawa lang sya. Those were the reasons I told him and he was convinced although disappointed. I adore rabbits too and it was my first pet when I was little, I was sad too that we had to leave it behind muna with my parents.

And so dad and I decided to buy my son a pet that would be less tiring to take care of. Having a pet is a big responsibility. The feeding, bathing, cleaning it abode, etc. is not fitted into our schedule plus the training of your child to take the responsibility of caring and loving his pet.

We went to the pet shop and had a tour, he was really fascinated with fishes, so we decided to buy him 3 and bought him an aquarium and pebbles to go with it. The wow look is with him all the while he was holding the fishes until we finally placed it inside the aquarium. The next week we bought an oxygen pump and a janitor fish.


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