Thank You Dadee

>> Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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... for providing for our family in every way possible.
... for the water you give me after every meals.
... for the cup of coffee that follows our dinners.
... for the massage when my head and back aches.
... for the movies we enjoy watching together.
... for every lesson we learn after a fight.
... for the kiss before you leave the house.
... for the jokes that lightens our moods.
... for the times you cook when I didn’t feel like it.
... for doing the dishes when my hands are full.
... for the small talks we have.
... for being patiently explaining when I misunderstand you.
... for the embrace when I cry.
... for the endearments that makes me smile.
... for being by my side thru thick and thin.
...for the friendship we nourished thru time.
... for the love we share.
... most of all for sharing and giving me Joshua as a sign of our love.
... lastly for the coming years we are about to face, to be treasured.


isah liit

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