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>> Saturday, August 2, 2008

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I got this from Pchi, I think this is very helpful to mommies like me so I would like to share it to other mommies by posting it in my blog(ofcourse with Pchis permission :))

Helping toddlers learn English and more...

Allow me to help you mommies and you (if you aren't one (; ), 'cause you might have nieces and nephews to tutor.

I have compiled a list of sites that offer free English stories and English related learning sites that your kids will enjoy. Some have animations and some don't. As a rule, we need to regulate what stories the children are reading so to make sure the material is appropriate for them. Have fun reading them yourself. I hope you enjoy it...

* Aesop's Fables
* Apples for the Teacher
* British Council, British Council Short Stories
* Enchanted Learning
* Fairy Tale Land
* Folk Tales
* Grimm Fairy Tales
* Kids R Cool
* Language Guide
* Magic Keys
* Picture Books
* Rong Chang
* School Express
* Story Arts - Aesop's Fables
* Story Place
* Story about Bremen town musicians
* Stufun

Well, these sites are not for children but they are good reads...

* Alana's Site
* Food for Thought
* Funny Stories
* Jokes in English
* Indian Child
* Inspiration Peak
* Reader's Digest
* Roger Knapp's site - check for inspiration and jokes
* Short Funny Stories

If you have questions in your life and problems about something, this is a good place to go:

* Joyce Meyer's

Daily reading

* Every Day with Jesus
* Harold Sala's
* Keys fo


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