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>> Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Do you know that one of the fastest growing occupations today is medical assisting? The United States Department of Labor has projected medical assistant employment to grow much faster than average, ranking medical assisting among the fastest growing occupations over the next decade.This means that job opportunities would be good for those with formal medical assistant training. If you are planning to shift carrer to something that promises a brighter future ilke medical assisting but could not take time to attend session at a medical school, online schooling would be a good option. I have friends and relatives who want to do online schooling to become medical assistant so I did a search for some good medical assistant school in the net. I found St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants and saw that they have good online Medical Assistant programs that are nationally accredited and certified. The school is now offering formal training online. They have programs that will allow students to study online at their own pace and convenience. Thier programs are not just programs but are really designed and reviewed by professionals in the field of medical assisting so students are guaranteed to get the best training. With online training you can save time, money, and resources. So why not check out St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants now and start plotting a good career move now.


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