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>> Friday, May 29, 2009

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Designer fragrances can really work like magic in enhancing the attraction that is always there between men and women. While surfing the net for some perfume I could wear this summer, I came upon My Fragrance Room, a site that sells designer fragrances at affordable prices. Their cool and clean summer scents really got me. I was torn between "Cool Water Happy Summer" and "DKNY New York summer" scents. Yay, I want them both so much. So I asked hubby to buy them for me. But my hubby did not know that I am also planning to buy the Canali Summer Night cologne for his, as a Father's Day gift. I know that he is very choosy when it comes to the scents he wears, but I know that he'll surely love what I'd be getting from My Fragrance Room.


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