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>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

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I came upon Scrubs, a website for nurses but could also be very helpful to those who are not in the profession. I stayed in the site because I knew that I would be learning a lot of thing in it. I also like the site's layout, it is cool to the eyes. Unlike other websites in this line, Scrubs focuses on the good things like lifestyle, health, beauty, work, love, money, and many things that are essential to good living. I find so much fun and enjoyment in this site, and a lot of knowledge. I also like their "the scrubby awards" (aka "the scrubbies")which is very inspiring (check it out here: I also took part in their poll (can be found here: , it is about "What is your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse?" and I chose Cecilia Tallis (Atonement) because I just love her in that movie, it's very moving!

Really interesting is their "the tip jar" (can be found here: (, it has very informative content in there, like addressing the question "How to Deal with a Know-it-all Colleague". I learned a lot about professionalism in this section.


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