Organic Gardening, the Way to Go!

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

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My father is an agriculturist and he really made sure that we, his children, grew up not strangers to plants and gardening that is why I love flowers and really take the time to plant when I can. I have different flowers in my little garden and I just love taking care of them. I always find ways to make my plants healthier and more beautiful each day. Now, I am hearing about organic gardening and I am finding it a good way to go. First, organic gardening helps improve the environment and decrease the chances of accelerated disease in my family. I also learned that organic gardening has physical and mental benefits and it could increase vitamin and mineral content in my soil. So i surfed around for some flower garden care products that are designed for organic gardening. I came upon, a site that has the best organic gardening products one can find. I know I need their Safer Brand Bug Patrol, Ready-to-Spray Concentrate, a very way of killing 40 different kinds of bugs that are not good for the garden. I also came upon Designing Spaces TV which had a showcased Safer Brand products in their recent show. The video above is taken from Designing Spaces’ host Jodi Dombrowski and Woodstream Corp’s Karolyn Warfel informative 5-minute segment. Check out the video and learn more about organic gardening.


GardenerGirl May 30, 2009 at 7:09 PM  

Interesting video! I've done a lot with organic fertilizers, but I never imagined there were non-toxic pesticides. Thanks for the link!

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