Introducing Torfox

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

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If you are quite particular about safety while surfing the net, you are probably familiar with the anonymity software Tor which works perfectly with Firefox. My husband have used this combination for quite sometime now. But now, he told me that at last, someone has came up with a mashup between Tor and Firefox and it is called Torfox. This new browser can give the user secure anonymous online browsing without the need to tweak it. All one needs to do is install it and use it and you are already surfing anonymously and securely. How does Torfox do it? My husband explained to me that by routing all connections through 3 different proxies and by disabling insecure features such as disk cache, JavaScript and plugins, Torfox is able to give the user a reliably secure anonymous browsing experience.

Though Torfox is based on technology from Mozilla and the Tor Project, it is not in any way endorsed by either Firefox or Tor. But like Firefox and Tor, Torfox is also free and open source. My husband has installed it in our PC and I have used it's what I am using now while writing this. It looks like a cleaner version of Firefox. You can download Torfox in a zip file. It is also possible to use it as a portable browser; you can extract the it to your flash disk and it works anywhere without installation.



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