Michael Jackson Died

>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson died. He was 50. The cause of death is not yet known but some reports say that he died of a heart attack.

Here are reports about his death:

From KansasCity.com:

Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted child star who rose to become the "King of Pop" and the biggest celebrity in the world only to fall from his throne in a freakish series of scandals, died Thursday. He was 50. Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Ed Winter, the assistant chief coroner for Los Angeles County, confirmed his office had been notified of the death and would handle the investigation.

The circumstances of Jackson's death were not immediately clear. Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m., Capt. Steve Ruda told the Los Angeles Times. The paramedics performed CPR and took him to UCLA Medical Center, Ruda told the newspaper.

TMZ has more detailed information about his death:

Update: TMZ has more information and it doesn't look good for the singer.

The 911 call came in at 12:21PM at his Holmby Hills home in L.A.
A Jackson family member tells TMZ Michael is in "really bad shape" and the brothers are headed to UCLA.
We just got off the phone with Joe Jackson, Michael's dad, who says "he is not doing well."
UPDATE 2: People Magazine has a quote from Michael's father, Joe.

"His mother is on her way to the hospital now to check in on him. I am not sure what's wrong. I am waiting to hear back from them."

Update 3: Sense of urgency around the pop star according to US Weekly.

According to X17, more than 10 members of Michael's entourage arrived at the UCLA Medical Center just after 1 p.m. PST after following the ambulance.

"They all got out of the SUVs in a panic and Michael was wheeled into the emergency room on a stretcher," the site reports. "There was definitely a sense of urgency and everyone looked worried."
Update 4: Now People is saying that he didn't have a heart attack - INSTEAD he was rushed to the hospital because he wasn't breathing.

UPDATE 5: TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson has DIED.

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

UPDATE 6: Police are now putting up barracades around Michael Jackson's home to prevent fans from entering. It will also allow mourners to visit in an orderly fashion. I still can't believe it.

UPDATE 7: NBC News has confirmed that Michael Jackson has been pronounced dead. I'm not sure whether or not to believe until we have rep confirmation, but the LA Times is also reporting that he is dead.

At this time, we STILL DON'T HAVE A REP CONFIRMATION. However, so many major media outlets are going with this story which leads me to believe it has truly happened.

UPDATE 8: CNN is confirming the death. My thoughts are with Michael's children.

UPDATE 9: OK Magazine is saying the autopsy should occur tomorrow.

UPDATE 10: Hospital is about to hold a press conference.

UPDATE 11: LaToya was seen hysterical crying as she entered the hospital. And a staff member is said to be the one to call 911 from Michael's home.

Update 12: Al Shaprton has released a statement.

"Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color," the Rev. Al Sharpton said. "To say an 'icon' would only give these young people in Harlem a fraction of what he was. He was a historic figure that people will measure music and the industry by."

Story developing.

More on this later on... stay tuned


Dorothy June 25, 2009 at 9:22 PM  

I'm so sad for Michael and Farah's death today it's a loss we will remember for a long time.

Dorothy from grammology

Anonymous June 25, 2009 at 10:22 PM  

michael jackson im so sorry that you have died and I wish you havent died but now youre ok now so do good

isah liit

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