North Korea To Fire A Missile Toward Hawaii?

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

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The era of nuclear weapons has long been gone, decades ago. Nations have realized that it is more productive to just focus on other kinds of technological advancement than on developing weapons of war. Most nations in the world look towards a bright future but there is one country in the world that really lags behind and thinks that we are still in the 1960's, the era of nuclear weapons; that country is the primitive thinking North Korea. North Korea has been testing nuclear weapons and now there is news that they are planning to test-fire a long range ballistic missile toward Hawaii. A Japanese report said that North Korea may fire its most advanced ballistic missile toward Hawaii around Independence Day (July 4). This date is the 3rd anniversary of their first test-fire (which miserably failed) of their first long range ballistic missile. What is in the crude minds of the people who rule North Korea? Do they think that if they successfully hit Hawaii with their crude missile their nation would survive? Wahat are they thinking, start WWW III? But it won't be WWW III because it would be The World VS North Korea.


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