>> Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Do you have time to waste? You can watch movies, play video games, but you will get bored in the end. The best way to lure your boredom is to fool around with simple applications and to test yourself. Here is Tonematrix, a music sequencing app which consists of 16 x 16 boxes what when clicked will make a sound. The boxes are grey and when clicked they will turn in white flavor and will play a sound.

Tonematrix was developed by AM Laboratory, and the synthesizer application will prove to be very tricky as you will want to properly arrange your tones so that you can make music. After you have made a composition, you can copy a number and each time you enter the website, you can paste the number and play the sound again and see how good your music really is.

The application is really fun and it unleashed your inner Beethoven. You can play the app here. Let us know what do you think about it, and paste your composition!


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