Cheyenne Cherry

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Cheyenne Cherry is only 17 years old but she is capable of doing a horrible crime. She has just been sentenced to spend one year in jail for killing a kitten. But it was not just a simplecase of killing the kitten, the manner in which she did the killing is quite disgusting. She placed the kitten in a 500 degree oven and left it there to burn alive. When she was arrested she just told the police that it was just a joke. What a terrible girl! And it was not only killing the kitten, she was actually trashing someone else's apartment when she saw the kitten. So her crime was actually entering a home then trashing its furniture and steaing some DVD's and then killing the kitten of the apartment's owner in a horrible way. Cheyenne Cherry should be taught a good lesson, it's good that she's going to spend some time in jail. (and she did not even showed remorse after she was sentenced, she hissed at animal rights activist who were there to witness her sentencing)


geek July 16, 2009 at 4:51 PM  

Didn't anyone think that she might have a psychological problem and needs help? I mean, 'cause if she has that kind of problem, keeping her in jail won't really do anything. It might just aggravate her condition.

Anonymous July 17, 2009 at 7:19 AM  

Dear Geek,
She's a heartless, worthless, POS that should have a much more inventive punishment along the lines of being stuck in a 500F oven and cooked until her flesh falls off the bone

Anonymous July 17, 2009 at 1:27 PM  

@ geek

No. Even if she does it's better not to waste the time or resources simply because she may not have any problems at all. She may just be a hoodrat that truly believes she is untouchable.

Lord help this girl if I were to ever get my hands on her.

Kitsune July 26, 2009 at 12:14 PM  

I first found this case in the form of a petition on Facebook, and being an animal lover, I've become determined to help this cause as much as possible. What this girl did was not only an act of animal abuse, it was a horrid murder. If she had thrown the girl living in the apartment in the oven, she could receive a lifetime in prison. Quite frankly, I believe that it should be the same thing for the murder of a cat. Contrary to what Cherry, the judge, and many other people believe, it's equally terrible to burn a cat to death as it is a human. Cherry took an innocent life, and now she has to pay for it. She does not deserve to get away with this. We've got five more days--- let's give this our all and make sure she doesn't get away from this without the punishment she deserves. She'll be behind bars if we have any say in it at all.

Thousands of people are lending their voices to the rallying cry. Cheyenne Cherry SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS with such petty charges against her. We're trying to make her sentence more fittingly severe, but we need your help too. If you believe that what Cheyenne Cherry did was wrong, please lend us the support we need! I copied the below writing from the petition; please take action! The petition there has been signed by 150,000 people, and many more are letting their voices be heard.

We need to tell the judge what we think about this. Not only does the Judge need to hear directly from you, but she needs to see letters in the Newspapers as well, and that is just not happening as much as we’d like, so PLEASE write to the media and Judge at the addresses/#’s below:

Please place the NY state case # and Defendant name on correspondence to Judge:
Case #:02546-2009 Def: Cheyenne Cherry

Politeness is imperative, so, please be respectful, thank you!

What to ask for: Please ask the Judge for the following:

1) Ask that she bar Cherry from owning & working with animals for LIFE, instead of just 3 years!

2) Ask that she sentence Cherry to 2 years in jail, not just one year! Asking for more time than
two years cannot legally happen at this date.

3) Ask that Cherry be ordered to have POST RELEASED SUPERVISION!

4) Ask that she be duly reprimanded/counseled for her unrepentant courtroom conduct, bringing
particular attention to the fact that she showed no remorse for allowing Tiger Lily to be tortured to death.


Hon. Margaret Clancy
Bronx County Supreme Court
265 East 161st street
Bronx, NY 10451
Fax: 718-618-3573 (she reads her faxes, this is good way to reach her)
Tel:718-618-3000-ask for Judge's Chambers


Daily News article: ...


NYPost article: ...


Thank you so, so much for your help! If we all band together, Cheyenne will pay for her crimes!

Rest in peace, Tiger Lily.
Burn in hell, Cheyenne Cherry.

Anonymous July 28, 2009 at 5:19 PM  

She's got a should not be in her care. What if she has got a psychological problem and decides to put her child in an oven? She's sick in the head and needs help. But then I don't think she deserves help- we all know the difference between right and wrong and no degree of insanity could ever excuse this crime.

Anonymous August 4, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

As a creature with no remorse, she should be locked up permanently. She will torture more animals and humans as soon as she is released.

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