Erin Andrews 911 Call

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Erin Andrews doesn't want to "treated like Britney Spears" so she made a 911 call when the paparazzi gathered in front of her house in Atlanta. The audio tape of the Erin Andrews 911 call was released on Wednesday and in it Erin Andrews is heard speaking with a 911 operator in suburban DeKalb County on July 22, she was complaining about two people parked in a car outside her home in a gated community. Andrews told the operators who she was and said that she's "all over the news right now," and that she was "the girl that was videotaped in my hotel room in the nude." Andrews also used strong words to describe the two men who she said knocked on her door and she added that "I did nothing wrong, and I am being treated like (expletive) Britney Spears, and it sucks."

I perfectly understand what Erin Andrews feels, she's a victim and many people thinks that she is not.


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