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>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

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There is a new law in UK that that forces all children’s book authors
who visit schools to register in a national database intended to protect children from pedophiles. Accordingly, this law

begins October 12, 2009 and requires all adults who work with children, even on special one off occasions, to register for a fee of $105. The law is similar to child protection laws in place in other countries (most Australian states have such laws) however are usually only applied to those working full time with children, such as child care workers or teachers, as opposed to book authors who make the occasional special appearance.

Many writers reacted to this new law, one of which is Philip Pullman who said:

"The policy is corrosive and poisonous to every kind of healthy social interaction…This reinforces the culture of suspicion, fear and mistrust that underlies a great deal of present-day society. It teaches children that they should regard every adult as a potential murderer or rapist.”

Okay now, would it be comfortable to think that J.K. Rowling is a potential child molester? LOL!


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