Tom Watson Wife

>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

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As Tom Watson is getting closer and closer to winning the British Open golf championship, his wife Hillary is also getting the attention of the media. The couple is really a team, his wife is there to support him all the way.

In an interview with NY Times, Hillary Watson spoke about how the whole week went for them. “We just can’t believe it. He was really relaxed this morning; it didn’t seem to bother him that he was leading. I think even he felt it was a surreal experience,” she said.

Tom Watson is just a year shy of his 60th birthday but still he leads in his sports. If he wins he will become a six-time winner of the open, he'd be like Harry Vardon who set a record in 1914. What is good about it is that he'd be the oldest winner of a major championship. All through out all of these, Tom Watson's wife is there to support him. That the way it is for husbands and wives, team work. Keep it up guys!


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