True Blood Season 2 Episode 5 preview

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

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True Blood Season 2 Episode 5 "Never Let Me Go" synopsis:

For a strategic summit at the lair of the missing vampire, Sookie connects with one of her own, then joins Bill and Eric in Dallas.Godric (Allan Hyde), be present at by his lieutenants, Stan (Ed Quinn) and Isabel (Valerie Cruz).

In the meantime, at a Light of Day boot camp, with a gift from Sarah (Anna Camp), Jason shows his courage, and is satisfied for his hard work. Tara is refused her relocation efforts, Maryann decides to cast her spell on the staff of Merlotte’s, softening Tara up towards her new “family.”

With Bill, Eric shares a hidden secret about his past, and Sookie creates a choice that might resolve the Godric secrecy – or get her killed.


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