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>> Monday, August 24, 2009

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Cash for Clunkers is gone, now here comes Cash for Refrigerators or Cash for Appliances, a program that intends to boost sales of energy-efficient home appliances. The US government's funding for it is $300 million. Would it be enough to save Whirlpool and Electrolux, companies that are badly hit by the recession? Some people do not think that $300 is enough. But at least the program authorizes rebates of $50 to $200 for purchases of high-efficiency household appliances which could be good news to many American families. But would there be the same enthusiasm as there was with the Cash for Clunkers as this new program? The program applies only to appliances with the star quality seal. But rebates on appliances with the star quality seal has been there for some time already, would this mean that this rebate will just go on top of existing rebates already posted in some 25 states on appliances that carry the Energy Star seal?

In a statement announcing the plan, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said:

"These rebates will help families make the transition to more efficient appliances, making purchases that will directly stimulate the economy."


Chrystal K. August 24, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

I wonder how this program will do. I think there's more incentive for a car that gets more MPG.

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