LA Fitness Shooting

>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Six people were killed in LA Fitness shooting in Bridgeville, Collier Township, Pennsylvania. A lone gunman entered the premises of LA fitness center and opened fire killing instantly five people and wounding 11 others. The number of death is still not fixed yet, in some reports it is said that 5 has died, but in other reports the deaths has risen to 6 already. It is believed that the gunman is among the dead. The victims are mostly women who were there in the gym for their workout.

"I saw people flying off the treadmills, hitting the ground. We crawled through the fire escape, and I sprinted out the back," Lauren Dooley, one of the witnesses of the shooting says.

Perry Calabro, 53, of Bridgeville was also there when it happened, he says: "It was panic. Then we realized it was gunfire. Once the shooting started, everybody started running."


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