Rob Newbiggin

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

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Rob Newbiggin is not just one of those not so well-known boxers who sometimes get coverage when they have a fight. But there's something in him that puts him in the news now. He has a 20 year career in boxing and he is still very much into boxing, in fact he has a fight coming next month with Michael "The Predator" Gomez. What makes Newbiggin interesting is his announcement that after the fight next month, he'll undergo a sex change operation. A what? A sex change, yes, a sex change. Ever since he was a little boy he knew that he was meant to be a woman so he wants to make that into a physical reality.

Newbiggins said:

"I have had a 20-year boxing career but was living a lie. I've wanted to be a woman since I was three."
He is now having a hormone therapy and would be changing his name to Mercedes after the sex change. Newbiggin is a father of three. Learn more about him by watching the video below.

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