Scott Speicher

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

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The remains of the Navy pilot who was missing in action during the first few hours of the Gulf War in 1991 has been found. The grave of Captain Michael Scott Speicher has been found by US Marines in a remote area of the desert in western Anbar province. For 18 years only speculations about Speicher's fate are what the the US have of the fighter pilot. But now, his remains are positively identified, ending the long agony of hanging uncertainty that his family continued to endure through the years. The Defense Department said:

"The Iraqi citizens led U.S. Marines to the site who searched the area. Remains were recovered over several days during the past week and flown to Dover Air Force Base for scientific identification"

Speicher, who was 33 when he was shot down in Iraq, was initially listed as "missing in action." But in 2001 that was changed to "killed in action, body not recovered."


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