Matt Damon Dead

>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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Matt Damon Dead
Matt Damon Dead. The actor and philanthropist Matt Damon was reportedto be found dead. He was out to a camping trip when he was reported missing. Then on Wednesday he was said to be found dead in California’s Palo Verde mountain area. They say his body was found by an Imperial County Sheriff’s Department deputy. The cause of death is not yet known as the autopsy resort hasn't been released yet.

Am not sure if it is really true :c Hope it is not am an avid fan of him.

Update: Matt Damon is NOT Dead. I checked around and I learned that I have become a victim of a bad hoax. Blame it on Bollywood 91, that blog posted a very late April fool's joke. The bad thing is that I did not read the last paragraph because if I did I wouldn't have posted this Matt Damon Dead rumor in here. There were 8 paragraphs in the Bollywood 91 post, 7 of which are dedicated to spinning the very detailed account of Matt Damon's death. I did not read the 8th and last paragraph which would have revealed the tinge of April-folishness of the article, it goes like this:

“He was always planning on going on some sort of adventure,” Hayner told “And his my mom got scared and said ‘You’re moving with your auntie and your uncle in Bel-Air.’ I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said “Fresh” and there were dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought, naw, forget it, yo holmes to Bel-Air. I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and said to the cabbie “Yo holmes smell ya later.” Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.”

Oh my goodness! I've been Bel-aired! and Bel-aired my readers without knowing it! grrr...


iceah September 9, 2009 at 9:10 PM  

this is a shock for me :c I like this man :c so sad :c

isah liit

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