True Blood Season 2 Finale

>> Sunday, September 6, 2009

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True Blood Season 2 finale will air on Sunday, September 13. The episode is entitled “Beyond Here Lies Nothin." How would this season end? I have some spoilers here, I really do not know exactly what will happen but pictures could speak a thousand words so here are pictures that could spoil it all for you. If you don't like spoilers close your eyes and leave this page, but of course you love spoilers that is why you are reading this very page. So on with the pictures.

True Blood Season 2 Finale - Bill and Sookie
For starters here's Bill and Sookie locked in a sweet embrace. They seemed dressed up for something, some special dinner of sorts.

True Blood Season 2 Finale - Maryann and Sookie
Why is Maryann wearing a white “bridezilla from hell” dress and giving Sookie a bouquet of flowers? This image tells us a lot, don;t you think?

True Blood Season 2 Finale - Maryann seduces Jason
Is Maryann seducing Jason in this picture? It looks like she is!

It's up to you to guess what this last picture tells us, as for me, I could not wait for September 13 to watch True Blood Season 2 finale.


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