Balloon Boy - 6 Year Old in Balloon

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

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On Thursday afternoon a report came out about a a little boy who was accidentally carried away in a home-made hot air balloon. The 6 year old in balloon story circulated and of course everyone is interested about it, everyone was concerned about the safety of the balloon boy. the boy's name is Falcon Heene, and he is a member the Heene family who appeared on the 100th episode of the ABC reality show "Wife Swap" in March 2009. His parents are said to be science buffs, the balloon was another one of their science projects. When the balloon safely landed, it was found to be empty so everyone thought that the boy must have fallen off it while it was in the air. But much to the relief of everyone, it was found out later that the balloon boy was not even in the balloon in the first place, he was just hiding in a box in their attic.


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