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>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

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When something touches that gray area between what is moral and what is not it surely becomes controversial. Look at what happened to Geisy Arruda, the Bandeirante University (in Brazil) student who was expelled from the university for wearing wearing "inadequate clothing." Her expulsion has caused quite a stir in Brazil and the world is beginning to hear about it, everyone wants to see how "inadequate" the dress she wore was. When I saw the videos I was quite surprised that the dress was not that "inadequate," it looks like a normal dress to me. Well, we have different ways of looking at things and I guess the school authorities are entitled to their own view. Okay, watch the Geisy Arruda video below and tell me what you think about her dress, is it inappropriate for university? Let me remind you that the videos below are not in English, but it is really easy to put two and two together to get what it means.


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