Nicolas Cage Broke

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Nicholas Cage broke! That's what is in the headlines today and it really caught me by surprise. The Hollywood star who has been included in Forbes top 100 celebrities is now broke? I couldn't believe it. But as I started reading about it, it slowly sink in and yes, Nicholas Cage is now broke. He has been selling his homes, his castles and many of his properties. The IRS is also getting him for his debt that is said to be $6.6 million. A bank has also sued him for not paying the money he has borrowed from them in August.

What happened to Nicholas Cage? The sad thing about it is that it was not really him who cause his downfall, it is his financial adviser. Cage is suing his financial adviser Samuel Levin for $20 million. According to Cage, Levin has sent "down a path toward financial ruin" while stuffing his own pocket with Cage's money.

This is a lesson to all artists who are not keen about counting their earnings and just entrust it ot "financial advisers." I hope Cage will recover from this. He will, he's a good actor and he'll never run out of work. I hope. Whew, Nicolas Cage broke? I can't believe it. But it is true.


reanaclaire November 4, 2009 at 3:55 AM  

oh i love nicholas cage's movies.. in fact, he has the kind of .. how to say.. his eyes can melt your heart..and he is so soft spoken.. wow.. and now to hear he is broke? that is sad.. yes..

Marilyn November 4, 2009 at 5:30 AM  

Hello! I can't believe that Nicolas is broke. All those films, all that action, makes me tired just thinking about them all. What a shame. As one who has struggled with debt for many years, I do wish him well. And I know how easy it is to let money slip through your fingers - no matter how much one may start with!

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