Morgan Harrington Body Found

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Morgan Harrington Body Found
Morgan Harrington Body Found?. Some skeletal remains believed to be that of Morgan Harrington was found in a Virginia farm. It is not yet confirmed 100% that the remains is really of Harrington, official identification is yet to be made.

Gil Harrington, the mother of Morgan, said that the remains are probably that of her daughter:

“We don’t think it’s been proved definitively yet, but it’s most likely,” she said. “So, we want to go and be on hand and see if that determination can be made. Or if we can help in making that determination.”

“I was hoping we would find her alive, but at least we won’t always be wondering for a lifetime.”

The owner of Anchorage Farm where the remains was discovered was the one who found the skeletal remains, he said that he was checking fences in a cow pasture when he discovered the remains. At first he thought the remains was that of a deer but with further scrutiny he came upon the conclusion that it could be of a human being so he contacted the police.

Morgan Harrington was last seen on October 27 2009, she attended a Metallica concert at the University of Virginia.


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