Olympic Hockey USA Vs Canada

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Olympic Hockey USA Vs Canada. The Canadians are the kings of hockey but the Americans would like to take their throne. For the past 50 years the game has always been owned by Canada. This year, the Americans will try once again to end their losing streak that spanned 50 long years against the Canadians.

Olympic Hockey USA Vs Canada
Would they be able to finally make it? Don't you know that the Americans and Canadians have played each other a total of 15 times at the Olympics. Ten of those games were taken by the Canadians, three were tied. And don't you know that the last time the Americans won was a long long time ago, most of you were not born yet during that time, it was in 1960. I hope that today the US team will win, I guess they would because here is what US forward, Chris Drury said:

“No one’s betting a nickel on us. U.S. hockey has come so far. Now, it doesn’t take a miracle for us to win."


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