Jesse James Mistresses Pictures

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

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The downside of being a celebrity is that when you do something naughty the world will surely know. Look at what happened to Jesse James, he is now the talk of gossip town because of his mistresses. Just like what happened to Tiger Woods, there's no stopping at one mistresses, when one comes out in the open, the rest would surely follow suit, and it is for some reasons but one of the reasons is of course a shot at fame (and some money too). As of now, it is up to three mistresses out in the open. The public expects more than three, there were rumors spreading earlier that the count could reach up to eleven. But as of now only three are confirmed. For those who want to see them, here are the Jesse James mistresses pictures:

Jesse James Mistresses Pictures

Here's the rundown: the first one to be known as Jesse James' mistress, Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, a model who is full of tattoo on her body. The next one is Melissa Smith, an exotic dancer who clains she was found by James on MySpace. The third one is Brigitte Daguerre, who has told TMZ that James hired her to work on a West Coast Choppers photo shoot, and that they e-mailed and texted for a year and of course they went to bed four times. So far those are the alledge Jesse James mistresses.


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