Jesse James Scandal

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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When Jesse James and Sandra Bullock married in 2005, many did not believe that they will make it past the second year of their marriage. But it seemed that the couple are indeed a perfect match even if he was a reformed bad boy and she was america's sweetheart. But now, in the fifth year of their marriage, it seems that it is going to have a bad end now, the couple is going to have a divorce. This is all caused by Jesse James alledged infidelity. James is said to be having an affair with Michelle Mcgee, a San Diego tattoo and fetish model who is know for her tattoo. Mcgee is also said to be working as a part-time stripper and a video of her doing that kind of job has hit the web a couple of days ago.

Jesse James Scandal

The Jesse James scandal has heated up the many corners of the web and a lot of people are now talking about it. Of course news about infidelity of those who are in the entertainment industry is not really new to us, but when it comes to big stars like Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, the public is of course more than interested.


reanaclaire March 23, 2010 at 8:06 AM  

poor sandra.. i love her movies!

isah liit

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