Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics

>> Monday, March 1, 2010

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The case of the Nancy Benoit Hustler pics is once againt hot in the news because of a new development in the case; the United States Supreme Court gave out a ruling on Monday that will allow the Nancy Benoit's estate to file a lawsuit against Hustler Magazine for publishing the nude images of Benoit. In 2008 a federal judge ruled in favor of Hustler, concluding that the magazine had a right to publish the photos because of what they called a "legitimate matter of public interest and concern." Now that ruling is reversed by the US Supreme Court.

Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics

Here is a bit of news from CBS:

Nancy Benoit's estate can proceed with their lawsuit against Hustler Magazine for publishing nude photos of Benoit after she was murdered by her husband, WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, in a murder suicide that also claimed the life of their 7-year-old son, Daniel, according to a ruling by the United States Supreme Court Monday.

Hustler published 20-year-old nude photographs of Nancy Benoit in March 2008 after the deaths gained international attention.

Her family filed a federal lawsuit against the Larry Flynt Publishing Group, Hustler's publisher, claiming that the Nancy Benoit, a model and former professional wrestler herself, had asked the photographer to destroy the images immediately after they were shot.


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