Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

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Is there any truth in the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split? There are a lot of buzz now about the split that is said to have been caused by James' unfaithfulness. There is even one issue that James and a Michelle Bombshell McGee are having an affair. But this split thingy is not yet officially announced, what we have are just rumors. Here are some of the write ups about the couple's split from the many corners of the web:

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split
From Warner Bros:

Oscar-winning star of 'The Blind Side' would not be attending the film's European premiere in London next week. But James has since released a statement apologizing to his wife Bullock for causing "pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension." The reality TV host says he alone is to blame for the scandal, although he does not admit to specific details. He also claims the "vast majority" of reports are false.


In the statement from Warner Bros. UK, the 45-year-old Oscar winner apologized for not being able to make it across the pond for Tuesday's London premiere. "Due to unforeseen personal reasons, a trip abroad to support 'The Blind Side' has been deemed impossible at this time.

I am sure that we will learn about the truth in the next few days. What do you think, is there really a Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split?


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