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>> Monday, April 26, 2010

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The home of Jason Chen of Gizmodo has been searched by California police and some of his computers and gadgets were seized. The raid of Chen's home was the result of the article he has posted on the blog Gizmodo about a lost iPhone. The "lost iPhone" is said to be the prototype of the next iPhone to come out and it was lost by someone from Apple and it was found by an unidentified person in a bar who then sold it to Gizmodo last week for $5000. Of course Gizmodo had the greatest tech news scoop last week, leaking what could be the next iPhone. Now Apple took action and it has come to the raid of Chen's home. Here is a portion of the story of the raid from The Huffington Post:

Jason Chen of Gizmodo

SEATTLE (AP) -- Authorities seized computers, digital cameras, a cell phone and other items from a technology blog editor who posted pictures and details of a lost iPhone prototype.

A computer-crime task force made up of multiple law enforcement agencies searched Gizmodo editor and blogger Jason Chen's house and car in Fremont, Calif., on Friday, according to a statement and search warrant documents provided by Gizmodo.

The warrant, issued by a Superior Court judge in San Mateo County, said the computers and other devices may have been used to commit a felony. Steve Wagstaffe, spokesman for the San Mateo County District Attorney's office, confirmed the warrant's authenticity.

Members of the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team took several computers, hard drives, digital cameras, cell phones and other gadgets, plus Chen's American Express bill and copies of his checks.


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