Justin Bieber People Magazine Cover

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

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The Justin Bieber People Magazine cover comes out as quite controversial because Justin Bieber is said to have tweeted something that shows his dislike of it. This is what he tweeted, according to MTV.com :

“Dear @peoplemag Covershoot…next time i laugh real crazy warn me u r still taking pics, still appreciate u but let’s get on the same page. EXCLUSIVE story and pics in the new issue of @peoplemag. I look crazy as heck on the cover but if u cant laugh at yourself u aint havin fun.”

Okay, here is the Justin Bieber People Magazine Cover:
Justin Bieber People Magazine Cover
I guess he is correct, he looks really creepy in the picture, why did they choose that image, I mean they could have taken a million pictures of him and choose the best one for the cover. The one above is obviously not the best Justin Bieber picture.


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