Lisa Raye

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Lisa Raye is featured in the newest issue of Black Men Magazine, she looks so stunning in the cover (yes, she graces the cover of this latest issue). But there is something that might raise a controversy, Black Men Magazine has included some lines that could perk your interest, here it is:

“2010-03-08 - …. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication between Black Men magazine and LisaRaye as to which images were selected for the magazine. We regret any disappointment this may have caused LisaRaye. We value and are committed to our relationship with LisaRaye and look forward to future projects with her.”

What could this mean? I did not see the images of Lisa Raye inside the issue, all I got is the cover image and so far it looks okay. Here is the cover anyway:

Lisa Raye
Now, that's one good image, don't you agree? Anyways, for those who are interested in UFC and NFL, the issue also includes interviews of Anderson Silva and Ocho Cinco.


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