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>> Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Is it appropriate for a 3-year-old to act like Lady Gaga? I don't have anything against Lady Gaga, she is a very talented artist but I really think that she is for adults only and not for 3-year-olds to copy. There is a video that is going viral now, it is called the Baby Gaga Video. And guess who stars in it? It's a 3-year-old girl who dresses and dances and acts and wears heavy makeup like Lady Gaga. The mother of the 3 year old says that the video is just for fun and never intended to go viral. Here is how she states it to San Diego Entertainer:

According to Heidi Ladrow, mother of 3-year-old Baby Gaga, the video
was supposed “to be outrageous because Lady Gaga’s videos are
outrageous.” She emphasizes on The Early Show that the video was made solely for fun, not as an attempt to get her daughter famous.

“This was a little project we put together as a spoof, as fun for
our friends and family. I had no idea this was going to get as large as
it was,” Heidi Ladrow explains.

Baby Gaga Video
The reactions of those who saw the video on Youtube are mixed, many liked it but there are also those who did not like it. Here are some of the comments.

I think that the parents should have kept this video to themselves. I think the background singers were a bit too much.

Are you kidding me?!?!?! This is awful!
Her parents shouldn't be too shocked when she ends up a pregnant teenage prostitute hooked on crack, because that's the path they're leading her down.

there's nothing wrong with this video! I let my kids dress up as gaga and make videos too.. does this make me a bad parent??? nope.

If you are curious about this Baby Gaga video, here is it, the video from Youtube:


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