Gary Coleman Deathbed Photo

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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The Gary Coleman deathbed photo that is on the cover of the latest issue of Globe magazine has stirred a lot of controversy; many people think that it is inappropriate to publish such photo and it is not good to make money out of Coleman's death. There are rumors that the photo of Coleman in his deathbed was bought by Globe from an unidentified source for $10,000. There is no evidence that this is really the price but Globe has stated that they bought the image but they refused to name the person who sold it to them. Of course the public suspects no one but Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, who is also in the picture. According to E!Online, Price's rep reluctantly admitted that her client took the photos but insisted "they were never meant to get out."

Gary Coleman Deathbed Photo

Coleman's co-star in "Diff'rent Strokes" Todd Bridges is very much disturbed by the image. here is his statement about the photos of Coleman on Globe's cover:

"It's horrible. It's absolutely horrible, and I hope that whoever is responsible for this, and the people that are involved in this, people that are in the pictures, I hope they burn in hell.

You shouldn't have been taking pictures -- period -- of him in that situation. By doing something like that, you're disgusting. You have joined the leagues of as many sick people in the world that do sick things. … Having your face in those photos, with someone who is in that position, and with someone you say you love, obviously you don't love them, because why would you do that? Why would you allow yourself to be put in there and then you say you're not profiting from it? Well, somebody's getting that blood money. Somebody's getting it."


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