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>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Most of Oakland are waiting for the Mehserle Verdict to come out and now it has come out, the verdict is that police officer Johannes Mehserle is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. It means that the jury believes that Mehserle did not intend to kill Oscar Grant but acted negligently. The BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant in January 1, 2009 has sparked a lot of protests and violence. The most that Mehserle could get out of the conviction is 4 years in prison that is why the family of Oscar Grant feels that the system is not doing them any justice, here is what Oscar Grant's mother said after the verdict was read:

“The system has let us down, but God will never, ever let us down. Though the system has failed us, though we fight continually, but one thing I know but the race is not given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endures until the end. As a family and as a nation of African-American people, we will continue to fight for our equal rights in this society. My son was murdered. He was murdered. He was murdered. He was murdered.”


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