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>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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The 'I Like it' on Facebook is going viral. What is it? Well, it is another one of those things that some women would like to go viral among women around the world. It's like they want to keep the men in the dark and guessing as to what they like to put where. Actually the "it" is the purse. So when a woman puts on her Facebook status something like "I Like it on the floor" then it could be read as "I Like my purse on the floor."

The Washington Post's Melissa Bell explains:

Women are posting where they like to keep their purses when they come home, but they conveniently leave out the word "purse."

This viral thing in Facebook is for the Breast Cancer Awareness month which is the month of October. The 'I like it on' Facebook is an attempt to unite women all over the globe in the fight against breast cancer, in the drive for wider awareness about this disease. But why would the men be kept in the dark about this? I honestly think that this I Like It drive does not connect. Lol!


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