Kate Hudson Pregnant

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Yes, that's correct, Kate Hudson is pregnant. And who is the father? Of course, it's her boyfriend, the rocker Matt Bellamy. According to a source who told US Weekly, the pregnancy was somewhat accidental, the couple did not plan it but they are "embracing it" and are quite happy with it. Emily Giffin, the author of "Something Borrowed" also confirmed the pregnancy through a tweet today, she said: "Yep, it's true! Congrats to Kate Hudson! She and Matt Bellamy are expecting a baby ... just in time for Something Blue!"

Kate is starring in the upcoming film adaptation, of "Something Borrowed" as well as its follow-up "Something Blue."

The coming baby will be the second for the "Bride Wars" actress and the first for the Muse frontman.


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