Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers April 21 2011 Live Coverage

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Okay basketball fans, we're here again for the Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers April 21 2011 Live Coverage. It is now 10:31 in the third quarter of the game and the Bulls is leading by one point, the score is 47-46. This is really a tight game, the Pacers would not allow the Bulls to get this third straight win in the playoff.

See how tight the game is, in the first quarter the Bulls scored 21 while the Pacers made 17. In the second quarter it was the Pacers' turn to get the upper hand and make a tie, the Pacers scored 25 points while the Bulls managed only 21. This third quarter it seems that the Pacers are getting the upper hand. A while ago I wrote that the score was 47-46 but now the tide has changed and the Pacers are leading 47-48.

Who will win in this game? Bookmark this page for more updates of the ongoing game.


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