Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Game 2 May 3, 2011

>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

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What can we expect in the Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Game 2 on May 3, 2011? Will Miami Heat be able to repeat the win they had on Sunday's opening game of the Eastern Conference semifinal? That all depends on how Dwyane Wade will play tomorrow. In Game 1 Wade was in his element, he was really good, really better than his usual form. If Wade will be able to repeat that performance it is likely that the Celtics will lose again. But if Wade will be back in his usual kind of performance then it'd be 1-1 after game 2.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Game 2 May 3, 2011
Can we say that Miami Heat just got lucky on Sunday that is why they were able to pull the 99-90 win over the Celtics? In that game Wade, who averages 12.8 points per game this season, was able to make 38 points. Was it luck or are we seeing a really better Wade now? I guess it was just luck, there are days when a player just suddenly performs many folds better than his usual way of performing and added to that is the way things go around him seems to be in harmony of his being fortunate that day. Another thing that cause Heat's win on Sunday was James Jones who scored 25 point. But as I say, it was just Heat's day, Wade's day and Paul Pierce's bad day, a better day will come to the Celtics on May 3. Okay, it is obvious that I am a Celtics fan. Yeah, I know that the Celtics will even the score tomorrow night.


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