LA Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks May 8, 2011 Game 4

>> Sunday, May 8, 2011

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The LA Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks May 8, 2011 Game 4 will be a do-or-die battle for the Lakers who is suffering from a losing streak against the Dallas Mavericks. Will this be the last game that the Lakers will play this season? The Lakers need to win all the four remaining games in order to survive. In the history of NBA, no team was able to make that feat. Will the Lakers be able to do it? In my personal opinion I think they won't be able to make it, they won't be able to recover, this is their last game this season.

The best that the Lakers do is to try and win this game 4 to avoid a sweep. If they pull it off in game 4 then it would be a very thrilling ride and basketball fans will surely be focusing on this. Kobe Bryant, who is known for his ability to shine in the last minutes of his games was not able to summon the magic in this series, will he be able to make it in game 4? Well, that remains to be seem. All we can do is watch the game tomorrow and see how the Lakers manage to survive.


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