Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks May 6, 2011

>> Friday, May 6, 2011

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Will game 3 be a repeat of game 1 and game 2? Those who hate the Lakers want the Lakers to lose again tomorrow. The Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks May 6, 2011 game will surely be a very hot one, I am sure that in this game the LA Lakers will try to bounce back. But how will they bounce back? Okay, we all know that in the history of NBA, there were teams who have lost the first two games and rallied to win the next four game. But never have we seen a team who have lost all first three games and was able to recover and win the next 4 games. If the Lakers will lose in this third game it is tantamount to sealing their fate, the Lakers will be losers this season.

If the Mavericks will be able to repeat their performance in game to in this coming game 3, the Lakers will have to say goodbye to the championship game. There will be no Lakers this year in the finals. According to Laker's star player Kobe Bryant they are not desperate, what they need is to just find a way how to relax. But of course that is a desperate attempt to hide how desperate the Lakers are by now. If they want to bounce back they must also look at what makes their defense weak. The Lakers must find a way to stop Dirk Nowitzki from doing whatever he likes. But it seems that the Lakers doesn't have a clue on what to do with Nowitzki.

Okay, let's just watch the game tonight and see who wins. It is obvious that I want the Mavericks to win. I want to see a new face in the finals. We have enough of the Lakers in the past, it's time to have a change :)


Anonymous June 5, 2011 at 5:40 PM  

uhm...It's Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks. Don't know if you're really watching NBA.

isah liit

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