Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks NBA 2011 Finals Game 3

>> Sunday, June 5, 2011

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The NBA 2011 Finals is getting hotter and hotter, I thought it wouldn't get this hot but what transpired in the first two games fueled the interest of basketball fans. Game 1 was won by the Heat, it was expected. Heat fans even expected the team to make a sweep. But a sweep will remain in the fantasy of Heat fans because game 2 was owned by the Mavericks despite the disadvantage that the team has (Dirk Nowitzki having an injury in game 1). Nowitzki made a somewhat dramatic layup in the last 3 seconds of the game that made the Mavericks win 95-93. It was a tight fight, the Mavs were trailing 15 points in the fourth quarter but they manage to even the score and win with Nowitzki's layup.

The Heat was probably over-confident in game 2 that is why they forgot how to make a good play. Dwane Wade played superbly in game 2 but he acted badly too. Wade showboated in front of the Mavs' bench which triggered some reactions from the Mavs. Of course Wade's act did not help the Heat win, it only fueled the Mavs' desire to win game 2.

Now, Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks NBA 2011 Finals Game 3 is hotly anticipated. We can not really predict the outcome of the game, the two teams must already have prepared something for the game. We will surely see a lot of surprises in this game.


SittieCates June 6, 2011 at 8:48 AM  

Nice retelling of the events. Though I'm not a sports fan, I have to admit that you wrote a pretty interesting take on the game.

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