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>> Monday, November 7, 2011

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The biggest sports event this month of November is the Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3. Boxing fans and those who are not really into boxing are looking forward to watching this match and of course those who could not afford to shell out some money for the pay-per-view would be doing their best to get some Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 live stream online. On that day, November 12th, that would be one of the hottest searches.

Why would people want to watch this match? Haven't they got enough of Pacquiao and Marquez in the last few years? We've seen the two fighters punch it out twice already. Of course the answer to that is obvious, we want to see who is the better fighter that is why we need a third meeting in the ring for the two great fighters. The first two fights that they had (if you happen to have missed them) were somewhat controversial. The first one was a draw and the second was clouded by doubts as to whether Marquez was robbed of his win. As far as Marquez is concerned he won the first two fights. Now he is out to prove that he is better than Pacquiao on November 12 and got strong words for Pacquiao: ‘Now it’s time to shed doubt over who the best fighter is, I want to win this fight because I believe I won the first two fights." But would it be easy for him to make us see that he is better than Pacquiao? He better put his words into action. As to Pacquiao, there is no doubt that he is the real pound-for-pound king and Marquez would find it really difficult to prove his point on November 12th.

I am sure the fight would be as bloody as the first two fights and boxing fans will surely have a good time watching a very exciting match. Although we've seen the two fighters face each other in the ring twice we know that what we will be seeing on November 12th would be quite different from the first two fights, the two fighters have matured in age and in their fighting style since their last fight so we can expect a very different kind of action on that day.


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