>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

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I have a 3 year old son Joshua Daniel pangalan nya (first name my papa gave and the second I got from my brothers name). Babbib was our endearment to him and you (parents) would probably understand us at that stage in our lives. Our very own baby that makes us smile and remove our anxieties even our problems and sufferings just to give him comfort. The moment he was born our life, my world is almost around him na. Changing diapers,washing his clothes, feeding him with milk, to cerelac and to cooking food for him now that he’s 3. Kakapagod but fulfilling, masaya lalo na kung para sa mahal mo diba?!

I value and appreciate my mama the more, my parents actually lalo na sa mga paghihirap nila sa pagpapalaki sakin. Being a mommy made me see and understand my mamas sacrifices para lang matuwa ako kahit nakakainis na on her part. Kahit magkalat ng toys kahit saan, nakakapagod pulutin pero para makalaro ka with your friends and have a good time, pababayaan ka nalang. Pagalitan ka o even spank you to correct and discipline you, besides it’s for your own good, even though it breaks her heart to see you crying.

Today it’s raining outside here in our place and my little boy decided to play sand in his play area. Sa lahat ng ayaw ko na laruin nya ay yung sand kasi aaaannngg hhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirap linisin.Naawa naman ako cause he has no playmates this time and it’s raining outside syempre pinabayaan kona. Ayaw kona din na magbabad sya sa computer (kasi natuto na sya) to play games again. Another thing is he’ll be busy as I do my cooking. After a while dumating ang kalaro nya at naghukay na sila ng sand, with their yellow and blue plastic shovels with his green pail without my knowing na josh2x got his pail and filled it with a half cup of water ,I caught him pouring it over his box of sand. Wala nakong nagawa kundi mag AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! By the way moms would probably know what it felt like. Mahilig din kasi itong anak ko to play with water specially when he plays chef. He would fill every container of his cooking utensils with soy sauce, salt,pepper,leaves and lots of water. I don’t discourage him to cook because we all cook in our family. Mas magaling pa nga usually mga boys diba? He enjoys doing it every time I cook din specially now kasi he has his new utensils na. Karamihan naman ng mga Chef are men.


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