Rocker ba yan?

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

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Just like my ate and my close cousins reaction when they first saw josh josh’s pics in my friendster account you probably would ask me why my little boy has long hair. Even asked me “rocker ba yan?!”.

I was surprised why they reacted that way when we have cousins and even my brother had long hair before. One of my cousins married a long haired rocker din (hehe...). Probably nacutean sila I don’t really know, but one of them told me cute daw.

Here’s why, dad wanted it and to my amazement my mother in law wanted it long too. When he gets too malikot I wanted to cut it but big protests comes from both of them. Dahil dyan he’s a favorite of her aunts and uncles here in Mindanao. Kaya lang parang he acts with too much liberty na, I don’t know pero when ever I cut an inch from his hair nababawasan ang kalikutan nya (talaga ha!).

His lolo papa would brag and ask around the sales ladies at the mall if he’s a boy or a girl. Of course the common response would be “a girl” and a “ha?! talaga mahaba lang pla buhok pero gwapo ha!” would always be a response from them. When I look for shoes or a shirt for him they would give me a pink or yellow one and I would always explain na “lalaki yan mahaba lang buhok” and he would be the center of attention . Enjoy naman sya ha! :[


Name: Edz May 16, 2008 at 10:53 PM  

he's so cute!

Steven and Aisha May 22, 2008 at 4:27 AM  

I think little boys with long hair looks cute! :D

isah liit

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